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Steffen Franz

This is an awesome tool for independent artists who are looking to make an impact with online marketing. As the article mentions, this can be used for many different marketing applications including promotion to various media outlets like Print or Radio, Booking Agents, or really anything. Although some people use EPKs, this seems to be a much more robust solution. Check it out!


We used Simplebooklet to create an EPK for a Sicilian based group,
it balances well text, press quotes, photos, videos and music
however we didn't put a link for music
here's the link

Steffen Franz

Very cool use... Thanks for sharing. You can update it with a link to soundcloud for music samples. It is free and it works really well with simplebooklet!

Saro Tribastone

Thanks Steffen,
I would try it with soundcloud
I would also like to add that I liked simplebooklet solution because our main focus is on the show, dance and music together, rather than only music.

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