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Spotify Free Users, Don't Despair. They're Planning "Some Changes"

image from www.hypebot.comAfter Hypebot and other media pointed out earlier this week that, according to previously stated Spotify policies, users that signed on during the service's initial U.S. launch were about to loose their unlimited free service, the company issued a brief statement this morning saying that "some changes" will be forthcoming "in due course. Here's the full statement:

"All new Spotify users - both in the US and in all other countries in which Spotify is available - are able to enjoy an unlimited free service for their first six months. As we have previously stated, after a Spotify user has enjoyed free unlimited listening for six months, some changes to the free service will come into effect. We will have more information on these changes in due course. Spotify Premium and Spotify Unlimited remain unaffected."

Spotify's statement, while vague, seems intended to slow and exodus of Spotify Free users to other music services with free services like Rdio and MOG. Perhaps their intending to ease Free plan rules beyond 5 plays per track and 10 hours per month. We'll keep you posted as things develop.

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