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Limpy Lee

A bit like debuting your album on Friendster at this point, 'innit?

Clyde Smith

LL, I'm not quite sure what you mean here either but one of the things about doing stuff on Turntable.fm at this stage is that you can get a lot more press for it just because it's on Turntable. That won't last but it's something a lot of people don't seem to take into account.

Celia Long

Yeah, Turntable.fm seems like a joke at this point.

Limpy Lee

Clyde, Turntable.fm's user visits have dropped 52% over the past three months. Debuting your new album to 1,000 people on a flop of a site (which is not even usable outside of the U.S.) is a marketing disaster. His management should be fired for allowing it to happen. And there was hardly press on the 'event'.


Go team Benihana!

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