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Gigs4Good: Connecting Artists & Non-Profits

Team-up-for-nonprofits-logoTeam Up for Nonprofits is a Seattle-based nonprofit that organizes music events for other nonprofits in their Gigs4Good program. Created in 2009, they're building up to their 10th event benefitting a Washington state-based organization. The focus is on raising both funds for and awareness of nonprofits among the 20 and 30-something demographic. It's a great idea that allows good causes to gain support without having to start from scratch with music events.

Team Up for Nonprofits was founded by event producer Ryan Hodgson with friends and colleagues in the music industry. Though it focuses on Washington state-based nonprofits, they can be serving a population based elsewhere.

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In a video interview, Hodgson described the basic process as one in which they identify a nonprofit with which they wish to work, discuss the specific demographic group they wish to reach among 20 to 30-year olds and then find bands that will appeal to that demographic.

Calling their events Gigs4Good, they've done nine to date. Next up is a concert to benefit Climate Solutions featuring Kris Orlowski with Dawn Mitschele.

In addition to getting more info on their website, you can friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Though I have no reason to doubt their legitimacy, given their artist support and press coverage, I will have to say that having only a web contact form and Gmail account cannot be considered a best practice for any business including a nonprofit. It's quite likely they do not have a dedicated office per se but having a direct phone line and mailing address can be achieved without having an actual physical location. Also, there is no mention of their location outside of press coverage, which is how I comfirmed that they are based in Seattle.

Neverthless, I believe they are worth supporting and also provide a solid model for connecting musicians, audiences and good causes.

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