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Pimpy C

What does Ted Cohen DO besides speak on and moderate panels?

ted cohen

Hi Pimpy C,

Our firm, TAG Strategic, advises some of the world's most innovative entertainment tech & media companies on strategy, licensing issues, strategic partnerships, funding, social media and more.

Some of our current clients include BandsInTown, Moodagent, Zya, Noise Inc., West10, Lyricfind, WDA and the winner of the Midem/Vivendi innovation competition, Webdocs. We have offices in Los Angeles, New York, London and Mumbai.

On the week-ends, I co-host the internationally-syndicated Sound and Vision Radio show, focusing my commentary on mobile and the connected home.

Additionally, I serve on the boards of two charities, The Bogart Fund, a children's cancer charity and Mouse.org, a great venture that puts computers into the hands of deserving children who might not otherwise have access.

That's what I do besides moderating panels, thanks for asking.

What do you do?


Ted Cohen


Love it. You tell 'em, Ted. ;)

have any free stuff for me?

don't donate to Bogart Fund or Mouse.org. Got it.

Ted Cohen

Never surprised by the lack of class from anonymous posters.

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