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STOP SOPA! it's going to cause more harm, than any kind of good and a lot of people's jobs will be gone if this is passed. America's economy does not need another hit.

Chad Baker

Stop this, going with this idea is surely one of the steps the world took that we will start regretting in the coming years! This is robbing to normal people from their freedom on the web, please stop!

Charles Caselton

American Economy? SOPA/PIPA will effect essentially every county in the world.

Catherine Boucher


Alan Vazquez

Stop this nonsense Sopa


As a musician, producer, and promoter, I depend on the internet to increase opportunities for artists and fellow musicians. With the passage of these acts, my work would cease to be. Find other solutions without widespread, devastating effects.


Stop the fucking sopa!, We want
freedom of expression


Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. These things are important to ME.

Marcus Murata

If SOPA pass, it s the beggining of the censorship era on internet!!


Please stop SOPA.


No to SOPA


SOPA must not come to pass. The american government is becoming Team America, and trying to police the world. And in doing so, all they do is screw things up for everyone! I enjoy my freedom on the internet. I find new music, new information, and new connections via the internet. It's a free source of information and SOPA will only cause more harm than good!

Michelle Normandeau

This is completely illogical! This would cause more harm than good, and would only be counter productive: in a clearly hasty attempt to solve one issue, they are simply opening up the floodgates for other problems to be introduced, ie. means of social interaction, etc. We all have the right to express ourselves, and in this day and age, the most common medium of doing so is by the employing of the internet and other social medias connected with it. Ironic how the country which has always promoted freedom of speech is considering obliterating it from its population.

Callum Williams

Honestly one of the stupidest acts I've ever heard of - totally pointless


OH YEAH MAN. The Government needs to hear from this point of view. The POV of the people who they are supposedly trying to protect.


y yo tmb!

Jacqueline B.

SOPA and PIPA are a violation of constitutional rights!

The real story in 2012

SOPA won't pass. So don't worry about it.

What's more interesting is what's about to come with google and facebook.

Facebook is going to introduce their own search engine that returns only facebook content. Google is going to be tempted to change their search algorithms to favor content on Google+ and Google Music - the forbidden fruit, and something that Lary and Sergei said they would never do.

Imagine what happens when your search results are no longer suggesting the actual 'best' sites on the web, but instead trying to funnel you into proprietary content from these behemoths...

Seriously, its coming. Search will no longer be democratic. How will the world react? Will there be new life at Yahoo and Bing for providing unbiased search results when others stop doing so?

This will be the big story of 2012. Get ready for a big fight and lots of political drama.


Taking Away Some Freedom Now? Whats Next? Stop This Nonsense That Will Harm Many!!

Holly Northcross

Don't take away a core American value.

Chris D

If this happens, people will simply move to an unbiased search engine.


AS IT IS CURRENTLY WRITTEN, "We are deeply concerned that PIPA and SOPA's impact on piracy will be negligible compared to the potential damage that would be caused to legitimate Internet services."


No they won't. History has shown that people will give up a lot of things in exchange for convenience. For example , their private life in exchange for some free convenient social media candy. Cf Facebook

Account Deleted

We don't want SOPA.


by passing "SOPA" it is only making us just like China an over protective mother to the point where it can kill you because they also have blocked things like Facebook and choose the music their people listen to, to make sure they don't get certain "ideas"


fuck sopa!!!



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