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Chris Curtis - Network Marketing Professional

Well, I guess the US government doesn't need to regulate the Internet then because it seems like they are pretty much on top of it anyway!

M. Stern

Megaupload owner is a bit shady. Check out his past.

He has nice cars, though.


Damn, i had just uploaded a 1GB rar file too. Thought it was funny their homepage featured four big endorsements: SweezBeets, A- Keyz, and some others (tpain?).


He's more than a bit shady, more like a real mafioso. He was already arrested in 2002 for trafficing stolen credit cards numbers brought from hackers. Now he travels in a private jet, owns the most expensive house in New-Zealand ( 30 millions$ ) and has got some nice cars indeed.
All thanks to those slaves called artists that , according to Anonymous, should keep working for free so that the Megaupload owner gets to buy a few more private jets.


If only this much energy was used to force the U.S. government to follow it's own constitution....

Austin Hoffman

That's sad...since it's all BS...SOPA/PIPA were junk + MU arrest was unfair + I don't think swizz he has any legal connections to MU...imo it was all fabbed up to get other celebrity endorsements.

p.s. looks like someone is pissed - FBI vs ANONYMOUS video:


This is a load of rubbish. We all clearly know that they've shut down a site because they lost control and are again trying to control what we do online. Do they think we are stupid? A criminal conspiracy? It was a great platform that alot of people used. The governments are just always so far behind trends they try to legislate everything after its happened. Try keeping up!


What a surprise, the US Government is telling the rest of the world what it can and can't do. This dotcom guy sounds like he had a great life until the states decided to go after him. Hopefully he isn't convicted. I love his personalized license plates, especially the 'god' one. Anyone interested in a cool new way to share what they want with whoever they want should go to www.tixati.com and check out Tixati. With Tixati no government assholes or anyone else can make you take down what you share. Remember, sharing will never die.


Ya hopefully he isn't convicted. Tixati sounds really interesting, I'll check them out.

kevin King

any why were so many "stars" involved with this.......hmmmmm?


How do the artist that spent thousand of dollars making the music that Tixati and similar site give away for Free. get paid?

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