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Warner Music Orders YouTube Takedown Of Slow Motion Crochet Video With No Music


Teresa Richardson doesn't strike you as someone intent on pirating content and taking down the music industry.  But according to the popular YouTuber, someone at Warner Music Group felt that a slow motion video of her teaching a crochet lesson that contained no music and almost no audio belonged to them and needed to be quashed.

"I have one video that has a conflicting claim from WMG, submitted the dispute although it has not been released. They are claiming the audio and the video," according to the self-proclaimed "Crochet Geek". Here's an example of her work on YouTube that has 50,000 hits:

"The ("WMG") video does not appear to have been uploaded 3rd party on another channel," according to Richardson. "Since I have content ID and they have content ID, it looks like an intentional act on their part where they just claimed my video....They do not have the rights to claim my video to begin with.  How long before they just decide to claim ownership to the rest of my content?

Repeating a questioned asked by many consumers, Richardson asks: "How can companies like WMG talk out both sides of their mouth about piracy, yet they willfully claim content that does not belong to them on YouTube?". More on her bog here.