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Bruce Houghton

Thanks for joining us.

Bruce Houghton

FYI - commenting does not disrupt the stream.

Bruce Houghton

TLDG Germany's Vodafone Campaign Wins Best Music Marketing Competion #MIDEM

Bruce Houghton

They're on a 40 minute break 10-10:40 AM ET. Facebook exec up next.

Bruce Houghton

They are replaying a Coke brand presentation form earlier today now.


funny listening to tech people. idiots.

Jen Dickes

Did this guy from Facebook say "I don't know who Skrillex is, but my friend does and has good taste."

Did I imagine the above?

Holy God. Facebook is the new Myspace.

Bruce Houghton

Surprisingly simplistic presentation on Facebook given the Midem audience. Hope Werde asks tougher questions



Bruce Houghton

why is it that so few music branding people have so little new to say? Only Coca Cola has impressed me so far.

Bruce Houghton

You can tweet #vmon to ask a question

Bruce Houghton

Just asked Gerd's panel via Twitter: "What's working for the panel in social media beyond Facebook?" Answers: Everything is about mobile. The same principles of good content apply across all social media.

Bruce Houghton

Other hot new social media from Cornerstone: Instagram, Path

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