The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Music

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Fast Company Magazine has announced its 50 Most Innovative Companies Of 2012, along with a top 10 most innovative in music. Spotify, of course, made the list. But there are also some new and some old school surprises. Who do you you think should have made the cut?

  1. Soundcloud – sound sharing platform
  2. Spotify – music streaming
  3. Pandora – personalized online radio
  4. Bjork – artist with world's first app album
  5. XL Recordings – indie label producing mainstream hits
  6. Mason Jar Music – innovative collaborative concert model
  7. Ticketmaster – ticketing giant 
  8. Bandcamp – direct to fan for musicians  
  9. The Echo Nest – open-source music identification  
  10. Turntable.fm – social music sharing

Who do you think is missing from Fast Company's Music Top 10?

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  1. There is NO digital marketing company! Which I believe is about to change 🙂 Also, how about Live Nation Labs, who are about to turn the industry upside down!

  2. I always fail to understand why anyone would choose Pandora over Slacker. Slacker has offline mode, on-demand streaming, robust presets as well as seed-based stations, and on and on.
    And so long as Rdio is the only one with an iPad app I will never call Spotify ‘most innovative’ 🙂

  3. Now, why isn’t Music XRay on the list? Thousands of opportunities for both musicians, labels, producers and journalists, great conditions, clear rules etc. I’ve been using their platform and I’d like to vote on MXR only.

  4. There is this small site, we sometimes use for random play, I think it’s called YouTube… didn’t see that one. Lol. Love music – Hope they all do well, PR push or not!

  5. Turntable.fm…meh. I think it’s a fad. Does anyone really see this site taking off on a mainstream level?

  6. exactly. I like that Spotify is #2 when there are 15 other companies doing the same thing.
    and Bjork? An artist who sold less than 50% of projections and completely tanked? I guess “innovation” is a pretty meaningless word.

  7. because there isnt a single digital marketing company doing anything innovative. period. They just all think they are.

  8. I COMPLETELY agree! I couldn’t BELIEVE how disappointed I was with that album! There was so much build up and publicity (due to the album = app thing) and it was all WAY over hyped!

  9. i don´t see why turntable.fm is on that list. it´s us only. used to be worldwide but seems they don´t wanna deal with foreign collecting societys, labels etc..it´s a very limited innovation.

  10. A feature of what? I thought Turntable.fm was its own website/service. I just don’t see most people really getting excited about it. I think it only appeals to a very small chunk of music fans. Probably the most overhyped service/feature etc of 2011. I agree with the poster below that Topspin and Mobile Roadie should be on there. Topspin has done a lot more than Turntable. Someone else said that Topspin hasn’t innovated. That’s not true at all, they offer a bundled service which includes marketing tools, D2F and email marketing. Who else is doing that at an affordable cost?

  11. What on earth is innovative about XL?
    the fact that an indie label has sold millions of albums?
    i suppose selling that many records is unusual for an indie but then they’re selling to susan boyle fans now which is just scale, not innovation, right?

  12. does it say “commercial success”” or “popular”? No. Does it say “innovative”? Yes. Bjork is also the ONLY musician on this list.

  13. Is it me or is that list a bit tired? Spotify – the wolf in sheeps clothing?
    Here’s hoping something really innovative such as Aurovine.com will be on the list in 2013.

  14. ArtistShare.com is missing. They helped to completely changed the industry in the favor of the artist.

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