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Indie Artist Outsources Music Video To Bangalore, India With Surprising Results

Drew_smithGuest post by Brian Thompson of Thorny Bleeder.

I was browsing the music thread on Reddit and stumbled upon Drew Smith, an independent artist from Hamilton, Ontario. What caught my eye was the following headline, which had me incredibly intrigued:

"So my brother outsourced his new music video to Bangalore, India. This is what he got back."

Was I intrigued? Big time.

Was the video going to be a lesson in what not to do? Was it going to become a viral sensation because it was so awful?

OR...was the end product something he could become incredibly proud of?

See for yourself:

DIY Resourcefulness and Ingenuity

I've been a part of a number of professionally shot music videos, and they're not cheap. Yes, you can round up some college kids with a good eye and the latest Canon DSLR, and you might be able to get something decent done on the cheap.

But if you want to hire an experienced producer, a talented director of photography, extras, makeup, proper lighting, locations properly secured and quality post production… you're going to have fork over a substantial piece of cash. We're talking $15,000-$20,000...minimum.

But...what about outsourcing your video overseas?

To be honest, the thought has never occurred to me. Sure, I've dealt with outsourcing other types of projects to India and the Philippines before, such as graphic design, web work or even accounting...but video production? Never.

Music videos are such a personal part of an artist's branding and promotion that it's something that's heavily guarded and protected. It's something an artist typically holds close to their chest and which they demand to be deeply involved in...unless they're working with a renowned director who they intimately trust.

Smith outsourced his video to Bangalore, India. Why? Well, he figured the last thing the world needed was another low-budget singer songwriter video. Fortunately for Drew, the first Virtual Assistant he found on Google also happened to be a dance choreographer. After a couple of emails and phone calls, Smitth received the beautiful video above in his inbox.

Score one for Team DIY.

Have you had a success story with outsourcing? If so, share your story in the comments below.

Visit Drew Smith online and visit his website for a free download: Website | Facebook | Twitter.  View the discussion thread on this video on Reddit here.