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Maybe it would be a great business, but just for a much, much smaller group running it.

Of course, the recording houses need their cut, it would be better if these services could somehow reach out to the musicians more, give them a deal to promote the music in return for giving the musicians a fair part of the revenues, based on how much it's listened to or something. Maybe there's enough $ available for just a distributor and the musician, but not with everyone else.


Consolidation is a must for this industry. All companies essentially have the same equal distribution and roughly the same product idea. (Is Pandora's "Today's Country" channel any different or appreciably better than other competitors?) As far as the record companies are concerned, the more participants the better. However, once the streaming music sector shrinks to 2-3 major players, that newfound revenue stream they've been hoping for will evaporate considerably and no record company is counting on that.

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