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I think annotations in YouTube videos can be very effective if used properly. Both Alan Lastufka and Hank Green from DFTBA Records have made excellent use of annotations. Alan's "Video LPs" are a great way present and monetize all your music on the YouTube platform without have to shoot 8-12 music videos. And although not music related Hank and John Green's Truth of Fail interactive gameshow style series really does engage with the viewer and causes them to watch 7-8 monetized videos rather than the one they stumbled upon just by the rather of the game.
What annoys me is when people put annotations like "CLICK THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE THE POSTER ON MY WALL" or "CLICK SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE CHOCOLATE"
It would be nice though if they allowed non partners to make annotations that link to somewhere other than other YouTube videos or features

Ron Grant

It's really interesting to see how new social sites are popping up nearly every day and have the potential to continue changing the music marketing/advertising/promo space. I think that the Youtube Video Annotations probably has the best potential simply because it's already connected to a video that has the potential to have lots of views. Couple that with the comments that people already leave on the videos and the ease of which you can share them, and you might just have a great new marketing tool.


"those small looped animations that are particularly common on sites seeking quick laughs"

Not just for quick laughs. there are some truly gorgeous and artistic cinemagraphs like here : or here :

I think it's something that could evolve in an art form in itself

Clyde Smith

True. I just typically encounter the other kind!


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