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NEWS BRIEF: WMG Digital To Sony, Bonnaroo Leak, Grammys Get Social, YouTube Changes Deal & More


Just days after Sony DADC transferred physical product distribution for Sony, EMI and Universal to Andereson Merchandise (full story here), Sony appears poised to take over digital distribution for Warner Music Group, Billboard reports.

  • Bonnaroo has named Spotify a launch partner. (Spotify)  Did they also just leak their 2012 lineup including Prince, Radiohead, Phish and the Red Hot Chili Peppers? (Daily Swarm)
  • Social Media Helps Grammys Achieve Huge Ratings in Broadcast and Social TV. (Mashable) And here are some stats that, I think, tell a somewhat different story.


  • The Grammys: Everything Old Is Praised Again. (NY Times)
  • A look inside the importance and perils of deals between streaming music services, telco and device manufacturers. (Financial Times)
  • News for all channel partners: YouTube’s Offer Video-Makers Can’t Refuse: We’re Putting All Your Stuff Everywhere. (MediaMemo)
  • Protests erupt across Europe against web piracy treaty. (Reuters)
  • How Publishers Repeated The Same Mistake As Record Labels: DRM Obsession Gave Amazon Dominant Position, (techdirt)