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Joe Luba

Odd from a guy who has been screwing artists for years.



Asa Milbankx

Pretty sad. Glad these dinosaurs are on their way out, soon to become little more than publishing arms of the multinationals that currently run them.


The author forgot to mention how such a ruling would benefit only him not artists with respect to mp3tunes.

mindy mcready

He's just upset that he has to pay EMI million of dollars for copyright infringement.


I've worked with Robertson at MP3.com. I wouldn't trust anything he says. He had no respect for musicians whatsoever. Robertson "used" musicians far worse than any record label ever has. Learn the truth about Robertson at http://freespire.com


I also worked at one of Robertson's companies. He was the most ruthless and dishonest person I've ever met. SamZmn, thanks for that freespire.com website tip--I plan to make my own post there. I'm sure Robertson wants to use these artists to become plantiff's in a lawsuit against the labels for "his" benefit of course. He'll then screw them like he has his previous artists, employees, shareholders, vendors, and partners. Word of advice... Stay away from Robertson or at least do your research first (freespire.com)!

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