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it was an excllent program but only scratched the surface - it was a shame they didnt go further and investigate *how* they were getting set allocations to then sell on at vastly overpriced value

some artists and promoters are complicit in this whole scandal


This isn't the least bit surprising, which makes this all that much more depressing.

Clyde Smith

Connecticut's Department of Consumer Protection also just released a report:

Ron Hetherington

Tickets for One Direction went on sale at 9am on Saturday 25th February 2012 and both my daughter and my wife had their computers switched on and ready. They tried to get into Ticketmaster many times but couldn't access their site. At two minutes past 9am Seatwave and Via Gogo had an abundance of tickets for sale at mega inflated prices. There is no way that these sites purchased tickets from fans within 2 minutes which means that batches of tickets must have been allocated to them before tickets went officially on sale. Genuine fans ( mostly teenagers ) cannot afford the inflated prices. Something has got to be done to address this problem

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