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Frank Woodworth

As the saying goes "Whatever one thing a person can put together another person can take apart." Although in this case I guess it is reversed. Whatever one thing a person can take apart, another person can put back together.


Some of the people, who download Tribler, have some difficulty in uploading a file or seeding, but the download and streaming speeds are awesome, its the future of internet guys, social networking, wikileaks, wikipedia, youtube, gmail(as stated by the university) all in near future are gonna get integrated into it, best for tv series and movies, if some users of utorrent or vuze or tv-links.eu or mediafire, feels difficulty in using it, they should still use it because only this is gonna help us in the future, and keeping in mind the government (and the raiding of trackers), by future I mean 6 months.

Its a software made by about 19 or 20 scientists of delft university, and by help of 6 or 7 more universities, so if someone feels that it is downloading behind there back or taking too much CPU resource due to (Python Programing), they are wrong, because in my opinion it is the most dynamic, impulsive, flick, spontaneous, and most importantly, artistic thing ever made by the humans...

So use this free open source art, its going to change the world by revolutionizing social-networking and by broadcasting uncensored news (like wikileaks).

Clyde Smith

Interesting thoughts. Thanks!


Fantastic ! Congratulations !

Now that these 19 or 20 "genius scientists" have found the perfect way (for now) to pirate all existing content without being stopped, let's see if they can come out with an ever more genius way to help those content creators get some compensation for their work.

Sorry , what was that ? " Thats not their job " ... uh.. ok...


Everyone, who wants World Peace, copy this link


and paste it in your browser's address bar, and press enter to go to that forum and learn the only way to know the truth about corruption and the only way to stop it...


I think the only problem I can see arising from Tribler is that it will become congested with dud/spam/hoax torrents. With no central server to remove them, the will continue to live on the net as long as there are people hosting them.

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