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Matt Marshall

These are all good suggestions that would give many musicians that contact us an edge vs the many other e-mails we get.

One gripe, though! Artists trying to get press should attach pictures not because we're lazy as journalists, but because, (especially for emerging acts,) good, high-quality images can be hard to find. We've had to scuttle a couple of good articles simply because we couldn't find ONE decent resolution photo on the artist's page, in google search, or anywhere else. And we can't add highly pixelated, originally 150x150 px garbage and expect it to draw any viewers.

Clyde Smith

Yeah, the journalists are lazy line kind of bugged me too though I assume Andy's including himself!

As anyone who blogs or creates web content experiences, even major artists sometimes create unnecessary barriers to basic content that would be used to spread the word about them and their work.

You don't necessarily need to attach photos if you can provide a link to an easy online download section of your site. Having a page or more where content can be found for basic illustration can make a difference in the coverage you get.

Web Applications Development

Sadly, due to time constraints working in music journalism, and generic emails that look like EXACTLY the same email has been sent to countless websites, some bands don’t even get heard!

Aaron Gibson

Thanks for the tips Clyde!

Clyde Smith

I am but the messenger!

Hope things are well in your world.

Nathan Hanak

Even following this advice my band has had a hard time getting any writeups. Especially for number 6, it's like the "need prior experience for the job" when all the jobs need you to have prior experience. How do you crack the first one?

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