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12 Guidelines For Long Term Indie Music Success

Vinnie-ribasVinnie Ribas, the Founder and CEO of Indie Connect, recently shared "12 Srategies For Long Term Success As An Indie Artist."  They're actually worth considering for anyone who's a freelancer or whose business brand is themselves rather than an external entity, but they do have a special focus on the needs of indie musicians.

Vinnie Ribas' 12 Strategies For Long Term Success As An Indie Artist is a nice set of principles for artists seeking to make it in the indie music game. They actually make an interesting companion piece to Stefan Aronsen's 10 Tips For Emerging Indie Musicians: Planning For Survival & Success. Despite the similar themes, the difference perspectives offer useful contrasts and complementary ideas for keeping what's important clear in the midst of industry chaos.

12 Guidelines For Long Term Indie Music Success

1) Never stop networking

2) Don’t take yourself too seriously

3) Establish and dominate your brand

4) Be and stay easy to find

5) Choose your team wisely

6) Choose your company wisely

7) Protect yourself legally

8) Manage your money wisely

9) Keep up with the trends that affect you or your fans

10) Treat your career like a business – because it IS!

11) Mind and protect your health

12) Give and give again

Be sure to check the article at Indie Connect Magazine for further discussion of each guideline. And, if you find this sort of thing useful, you might also check out Ribas' article:

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