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Walt Ribeiro

Disagree. I think a lot of it has to do with the musician ecosystem. We have to eat, and as long as iTunes pays us more than Spotify does, then iTunes will always be around. It's why Youtube, Amazon, and the App store is so powerful, because of the paid partner/affiliate program.


"as long as iTunes pays us more than Spotify does, then iTunes will always be around" Huh? As long as there are enough people paying for downloads to iTunes. That may well change over the next few years.

Kelland Drumgoole

i also think that the number of people paying for downloads(mp3s) will decrease in the future


If I'm a developer, I'm going to build apps that can generate money. If Spotify can't afford to pay the artists, how can they split revenue with developers? Until your OS can provide revenue sharing and other money making opportunities, I wouldn't expect too many people to build things on it.

Hump Jones

What does "the OS of music" even MEAN, though? It's AD COPY. It means nothing. There will never be an Operating System of music.


Agreed, it's a silly buzzword. I don't like the idea of it as well. No single company/service should be at the center of all music. Eff that.

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