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Nice heading. So you now say that all other labels dont share a fair amount...

Bruce Houghton

I don;t think I've ever spoken out on what labels pay. I've hosted the debate on what Spotify pays labels/artists and on that I personally suggest a wait and see attitude.


many indie labels already pay 50% because they split everything, including sales, that way. it's interesting simon's acknowledging it's not a sale though as it definitely isn't.


"At least one established ..." would means that almost no other does the same. You cant argue against that.

And is a high percentage pr definition good? What about the work the label does for the artist? Would you rather have 50% on a small label that dont have money to do much work for the artist with a revenue of 5000$ or 15% with a label that does a lot of work with a total revenue of 400.000$?

Too often people ignore simple math here (not pointed at you Bruce)

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"pays its artists as if streaming is licenced music".
this is already what digital distributors are doing, where is the innovation here?


50% of nothing is still nothing right?


Your logic is flawed, Musik123. Spend more time on reading a dictionary and less time being critical of people's reporting. I will have to say that there are articles on Hypebot that are flawed in their logic as well (their previous post of "the internet failing artists," now that is outrageous and absurd) or are mainly common sense. But there are also articles where they are simply reporting news. "At least one label" simply means that. At least. If I have at least one outlet to promote my music that doesn't mean there aren't other promotions. There aren't just any that I know of or I'm simply saying that there is at least one, not that there aren't additional outlets. You read the article how you wanted to.

Also for your simple math... You show me where major labels spend their money wisely. Indie labels might have less capital to invest in artists, but I would probably argue that indie labels spend their money more efficiently. Why should artist hurt for the lack of the labels ability to efficiently spend their money.

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