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Pete Lawrence

Thanks for the PR on this - but it is quite a oddly written piece for several reasons. Firstly while Michelle Shocked may argue that the Texas Campfire Tapes is a bootleg, she was fully complicit in its release and promotion. Indeed, she even moved over to the UK for some months to promote it and even stayed at the record label's HQ for some days. I only heard her refer to it as a 'bootleg' for the first time some 25 years after its release. She was more than happy with the release at the time, as I and many other recollect.

I really don't know what Kanye West's relevance here is?? His booking, and the ultimately subsequent sale and bancruptcy of the event both occured a couple of years after I had left, so this has little if any relevance to my life story, so naturally I won't to be focusing on this. I do however go into the reasons for our early bancruptcy and everything that happened in its wake.

Pete x

Clyde Smith

Thanks for dropping by!

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