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I always appreciate reading articles like this... Unfortunately it takes place in the nineties and so much has changed in the industry.

Robin Davey

The only thing that has changed with this scenario is that it is far easier to find and connect with an audience now than it was back then. If you are pulling people to your shows labels will be interested. It may no longer be the best move to sign, but the opportunity will still be there.


You're awesome.

mary cigarettes

i had a pile of record deals too...for me the question now is should i ever reach for one ever again?...i'm fascinated by the idea of removing the glass wall between myself and audience that unwittingly gets placed there every time i'm in a *proper* deal.something odd happens when you're in a deal...you gradually think less and less for yourself...when you're on your own,you're more on your toes...every tiny achievement feels like something worthwhile..no one thinking BIG can belittle it...and if you're audience is small,no one makes you feel like a failure.....i love this era of DIY...it promotes a sense of stealth within me....i don't feel i have to become BIG in six months...small is beautiful...i'm not burning out as easily as i used to..no uppish piece of temporary record company trash is making me feel like dead meat anymore,and i now think for myself...music is thing..not all the peripheral stuff anymore...i love not needing a record deal to be heard.


Awesome article with advice! I'm assuming you'll be talking about The Bastard Fairies and Well Hung Heart as well!

David Sinclair

I enjoyed the article and the music. Very inspiring.

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