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Today at SXSW popular music streamer Last.fm announced a partnership with artist data platform Musicmetric, to provide access to their analytics dashboard. This integration creates a free tool for artists to track online popularity and fan trends across social media platforms and the web.

The integration will sit within the Last.fm Music Manger interface for artists and labels with users having free access to an extended version of Musicmetric. Within Music Manager, artists can track fans, plays and views across online music and social platforms including Last.fm, Soundcloud and Twitter; as well as to integrate third party analytics from Google and Facebook. 

YouTube and other data sources will be added in the coming weeks along with the option to upgrade to Musicmetric Premium for $5.99 a month.


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Gregory Mead, CEO of Musicmetric, said, “This integration is our first step into opening access for emerging artists to the kind of analytics previously only available to major companies. Having an idea of where fans are engaging with music by an artist, and where they can grow their level of visibility both online and offline is so essential to new or unsigned bands trying to cut through the noise today.”


Last.fm Music Manager & Mp3.com

In addition to the new analytics dashboard, Last.fm’s Music Manager continues to serve as a hub for artists to upload tracks to Last.fm, access data on who is listening to their music, manage their profile and offer free track downloads. 

Through Music Manager, artists can also offer free Mp3 promotional downloads on Last.fm or sister site Mp3.com. Artists who want to create a campaign around specific song may also purchase and manage Last.fm Powerplay promotions, which enable them to insert their new track into Last.fm’s personalized radio streams to reach new fans. 

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  1. One thing I’d like to see ‘fixed’ with Last.fm is the speed at which they handle takedown notices. I’ve had a continual problem with this – artists on my label that have had their albums either incorrectly submitted by another label or moving from another label to ours, and Last.fm taking months (and almost a year in one case…) effectively locking us out of managing them on Last.fm.
    It’s great to have metrics IF you can actually administer your band(s) properly. I think that needs to get some priority in this case…

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