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NEWS BRIEF: Global Sales Stats, Ex-CEO Buys Beyond Oblivion, Orchard IODA Layoffs, Sony & More

Hypebot FaviconSorry that the News Brief is a bit later in the day than usual. Had one too many balls to juggle this morning.  Be sure to check out Wednesday's blog post by Emily White on her company's new next-gen record label Readymade.

  • Global music sales slump slowing (BBC) The decline in global music sales is "significantly slowing", according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).
  • Former CEO Can Buy Beyond Oblivion, But Without Intertrust’s DRM (evolver.fm)
  • Entertainment apps now more popular than multiplayer gaming on Xbox Live (ars)


  • The Orchard IODA digital music distributor merger has lead to significant layoffs. Some good people are suddenly out looking for jobs in a shrinking sector.
  • Madonna embraces streaming with an extensive cross promotion on Spotify.
  • Sony group offers EU concessions for EMI unit buy. (Reuters)
  • Pandora Says Rates Still Too Costly For UK Re-Entry (paidContent)
  • 'Shameless' Music Supervisor on the Show's Devotion to Indie Rock: 'It’s Rare That We Use Anything From a Major Label'. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Why the garages of East Nashville are now American rock's hottest property. (Guardian) Forget the Grand Ole Opry; new bands in East Nashville from Pujol to Paperhead via Jeff the Brotherhood.