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BandWagon Eases Pain Of Booking Gigs For Promoters & Bands

NEWS BRIEF: If Spotify Goes Public, Grooveshark Seeks Dismissal, Warner Music TV, iAlbums & More

  • What Happens Next If Spotify Goes Public? (paidContent) Great question since major labels own about 18% of Spotify. How will artists and labels react? How will going public effect payments?
  • RIAA vs. Grooveshark (Arista Music v. Escape Media): Grooveshark and other defendants have moved to dismiss the amended complaint for failure to state a claim. (Recording Industry vs. The People)
  • Warner Music Group, the only major not aligned with VEVO, is launching its own YouTube channel, The Warner Sound with videos and lots of original content. 


  • iAlbums "Alpha" Launches “Semantic Curation Engine” which analyzes users' existing music collections and aggregates videos, biographies, photos, social feeds and more on apple devices for free.
  • NPR to webcast Bruce Springsteen's SXSW keynote on March 15th.
  • If Major Labels Are All About Helping Artists, Why Do We Keep Seeing Artists Calling Out Their Labels For Screwing Them? (techdirt)
  • AirVinyl app adds retro warmth to iPhone music. (DMW)
  • Record Labels Threaten the Open Internet, isoHunt Tells Court (TorrentFreak) "In its case against 26 major record labels at British Columbia Supreme Court in Canada, BitTorrent... argues that not only do they pose no threat to the music industry, it’s the copyright industry itself that’s threatening the freedom of expression of millions of people on the Internet."