I Was Attacked By An Earbud - A True Tale With A Horrifying Photo
A Look At Spotify’s Attempt To Become The ‘OS of Music’

NEWS BRIEF: Sony Music To iOS, New At Google Music, Musician $, NMS Savings, Vevo + Yahoo, More

FavVHRZSony Music Unlimited app coming to iOS 'in weeks' (TechRadar) COO reveals big move to the land of Apple.

  • Some hidden code points to new features coming for Google Music. (Google System)
  • Accessing More Musician Income: A look a Future Of Music Coalition's SXSW panel on how musicians make money. (Topspin)


  • Which Spotify Apps are worth downloading. (MTV Hive)
  • Can you copyright music of pi? Judge says no. (CNN)
  • Dirty Words and Gender Switching in the Blues. (HuffPo)
  • Don't miss the New Music Seminar discount! Readers get an extra 20% of NMS registration before March 25th. Code: NSMNYHB2341 http://ht.ly/9AsAs
  • YouTube adds one-click video editing for busy videographers. (CNet) The company says that it'll be able to fix shaky video and auto-correct dark clips.
  • Jimmy Fallon to interview Madonna live on her Facebook page. Sat March 2th at 6:30PM ET.
  • Vevo Now Syndicating Content to Yahoo! Music. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • BPI Finally Says We Can Copy Our CD’s To Our Phones. Wow, Thanks BPI! (Millions Media)