RootMusic’s BandPage Hits 500K Artists, Adds Facebook Timeline Features.

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RootMusic's BandPage now services Facebook Pages for 500,000 aritsts, up 250,000 over the last six months, according to the company. They're is also launching a Billboard chart along with new features that integrate with Facebook’s Timeline.

New Features:

BandPage will now send updates to Facebook that inform fans when artists they have ‘liked’ update new content such as songs, videos, pictures or shows using BandPage.  Additionally, artists can now update their BandPage with a wider design canvas. For fans, the BandPage now has buttons that can be used to alert friends about artists with just one click. These upgrades will roll out over the next few days, well prior  Facebook's forced shift to Timeline on March 30th.   

New Billboard Chart

Few details were offered, but in the next few weeks BandPage will release charts to Billboard designed to "inform the industry about the latest trends and breaking new artists from around the world".

BandPage & SoundExchange

Through SoundExchange, over $2 million dollars in uncollected digital performance royalties have been uncovered for over 9,000 BandPage artists. “Helping artists to be more successful is core to the mission of BandPage. We’re really excited to be able to find so much unclaimed revenue for working bands, and to help them connect with SoundExchange so that they’ll collect royalties moving forward,” says Chris Wiltsee, Director of Business Development for BandPage.

BandPage @ SXSW

BandPage has laready kcked off a 10 day and 10 night music and technology experience, at the 13,000 square foot venue “BandPage HQ.” at 604 East. Details.

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  1. I wonder how many fewer people will visit BandPages with the new timeline though? I miss the old FB layout.

  2. Similarly, I wonder how many artists/bands will have the patience to continue – at all – with facebook; quit it months ago and don’t miss it at all, and have a much more effective engagement with ‘fans’ than I ever did with fb.

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