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internet radio is not broken in that online streaming for terrestrial and internet stations surely is growing, not only in sessions, but in the underlying monetization of video and banner advertising.

what is certainly broken is the pureplay model that you refer to in this article...Pandora (Stock symbol “P”), a wonderfully performing IPO which came out at $16.50 and is now at $10…. looks like it may be headed for about the same target area as SiriusXM (Stock symbol “SIRI”) $2.27.

and don’t forget, SIRI has a lot of branding, talent and exclusives like MLB, NASCAR, dedicated DJs, production and celebrity involvement. Pandora, Spotify, CBC….they are nothing more than glorified playlist apps.

why would anyone want to pay to listen to music when there are so many fee alternatives out there. I should have shorted pandora the day it came out!

Brian Hazard

Thanks for listening to my song Eliot! ;)

... just going off the screen grab there.

So far my results compare favorably to Jango and Facebook Ads, though I haven't put together any sort of detailed analysis yet. Sure, it would be nice to have more free play, but in my experience, it's far cheaper and more cost-effective than a traditional terrestrial radio campaign.


Yeah b/c when I go to a show and "pay-to-play" band opens, they are always incredible. (sarcasm) This is decreasing the value of the music.

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