Spotify Royalty Payouts Near $250 Million, Launches In Germany

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Along with an announcement that it had launched in Germany, Spotify shared a new royalty payment milestone. Spotify has paid about $250 million USD (€200m) to labels and publishers, up from the $150 million since launching 3 years ago that the company previously reported. Germany is the 3rd largest paid music market globally, and represents Spotify's 13th country launch.

According the IFPI, Spotify is the second single largest source of digital music revenue for labels in Europe (IFPI, April 2011).  Spotify offers 16 million tracks and has more than 10 million active users, with 3 million paying subscribers across Europe and the US.

Apps have helped the music streamer expand it's user experience in recent months. The launch in Germany includes ten new local app partners: Eventim, Fellody, Motor.de, Interview Magazine, Intro, Festivalguide, VISIONS, laut.de, tape.tv, and Mit Vergnügen.


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  1. that’s what i’d like to know . numbers initially sound good, but how many artists are there in the mix?

  2. Those numbers are what it takes to get millions of songs from thousands of artists that all have more or less completely sold some or more of their publishing onto Spotify in Germany.
    People crying about artist numbers and payouts seem to know or care little about the deals that artists have signed, are signing and will continue to sign that advance, publish, co-publish or license their rights.
    If an artist doesn’t see a payout because they signed their rights away, it’s because they got something up front…..

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