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TODAY: Facebook Makes Mandatory Shift To Timeline, But New Apps Can Help

Facebook-timeline-600(UPDATED) Today at 11 AM PT/2PM ET Facebook is making the mandatory conversion to Timeline for pages whether you like it or not. Some artists have already made the switch over to the new layout, and as a result, many music apps have already seen adverse effects in fan interactivity and usage - primarily due to the fact the Timeline becomes the mandatory landing page. In response, several music apps have needed to make key adjustments in order to optimize their services for the new layout. 

Once every Facebook band page switches to Timeline, artists can only position their customized pages as tabs or links within the new layout, or they must directly link to them from external assets. Several popular music applications have issued adjustments / solutions to the Timeline layout in order to not only remain relevant to musicians, but also to ensure that the artists continue to receive value from their services.

Here are a few popular music apps with links to adjustments they’ve made for Timeline:

BandPage: In addition to the BandPage upgrades announced a few weeks ago, brand new adjustments include:

  • Widescreen Timeline Version of BandPage (810 pixel) so now users can convert their page to this new size.
  • A switch to instead of  
  • Navigation bar has been moved to the top, as people weren't clicking on photos / videos / store as much as they'd like, mostly due to how hidden it was (essentially making it more of a "nav" panel now)

ReverbNation: Implemented a new set of simple tools that give users flexibility to customize their timeline with function-specific app buttons (sort of like a smartphone home screen) – “Play” to get to your music,  “Watch” links straight to your videos, “Shop” for merchandise, etc…

Nimbit: Facebook Promo Tool, Spotlight Store, and enhanced usability across the board with unified controls for all stores including those on partner services PledgeMusic and FanBridge

FanBridge: New tabs for Store, Videos, Music, etc…

This post is by regular Hypebot contributor and independent music business professional & musicianHisham Dahud (@HishamDahud)