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Jeremy Ebenstein

Hey Fellow Headliners,
My second Pop Music Session, is only 5 weeks from now!:) There are still plenty of free reservations, therefore I can still put you on the guest list. Just let me know if you can make it for April 26th at 8p. I'm playing The Good Hurt Nightclub, 12249 Venice Blvd, West Los Angeles, CA 90066. Let me rock your world!

Feast of Feasts

Most of these are fairly logical and down to common sense. Would have liked more detail on TwitMusic. But thanks for the post


Unfortunately if you don't know how to communicate with people chances are you have larger issues than what to say on twitter.

Social Media Applications

This is a good opportunity for the musician.


I am a little wary of their guide and examples, I am a fan of both Amanda Palmer and Tom Petty and used to follow them both on Twitter. I stopped following Amanda Palmer becouse of the completely irrelevant posts. Tom Petty gives 5 or 6 posts closely grouped and then does not post again for 24 hour.

Both posting trends are shown to be ineffective, while it does generate a high number of followers it has the following problems; in the case of Amanda Palmer fans stop reading her tweets. In the case of Tom Petty tweets are often missed becouse they are too grouped together, which is upsetting becouse his tweets contain very good content.

I have consulted with labels for 15 years on digital music and have spent way to much time dwelling on topics such as this.


It's good to see more and more musicians interacting with their fans on twitter. Especially when they are posting bikini pictures of themselves (hello katy!)

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