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Chris J

That's awful! I just bought a set of etymotic headphones, so this is a great heads up haha

Sennheiser's hd25's are over-the-ear headphones with good sound isolation (not as good as the etymotics for that of course) if you're in the market

Denver Realtor

Oh my GOD! Couldn't imagine going through that. I have always found in the ear head phones to be uncomfortable...I think maybe my inner ear is just shaped oddly. But now I see the bright side - I'll never have to go through this!

Griffin Mill

Probably a symptom of triple flange tips. I use Comply foam tips for this reason. Better yet, get custom earmolds. Etymotic has a voucher so you can get them for less than forty bucks.

STUDIO S Karachi

it's something like recommended ear hearing protectors.

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