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My understanding is that Mastered for iTunes was an idea invented by the Producers and Engineers wing of NARAS to convince Apple that their M4A files do not, in fact, sound good. Mastered for iTunes is a new way of mastering audio to make it sound as best as it can when delivered to the buyer thru iTunes. Bob Ludwig was a big part of it. Also, I think Apple was resistant for quite a long time to the idea. So I think it was actually created by Producers and Engineers to try and make music bought thru iTunes sound better. Here's a brief useful review: http://bobbyowsinski.blogspot.com/2012/02/inside-apples-new-itunes-mastering-tool.html


No matter what happens with the Mastered for iTunes the fact of the matter is that many artists will have an opportunity to get the rights to their own works back ( Works for hire is laughable) and we as the consumers and fans may now have a decent chance of them reissuing some new pressings.

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