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J Bryan Dill

Not impressed at all....So tired of stuff like this coming out that isn't any different except with the interfaces. Soundcloud & Reverbnation are still way better.

Have you tried it??

Seriously, have you even tried Official.fm? As a press servicing/promotional tool it is clearly a cut above Soundcloud & Reverbnation. After using the Beta for a few months I was blown away by how seamless and easy to use their platform is. The customization and reporting aspects blow anything else out of the water. Don't knock it before you rock it SON!

A Facebook User

I have an open mind.. I will def check out official.com.

Re: ReverbNation

ReverbNation's a rip off. It's cluttered and they're not very transparent about the pricing of premium features, until you've spent a lot of time setting them up (in some cases hours (i.e. the 'band app' thing)).

Soundcloud and official.fm are both much cleaner and more transparent than ReverbNation.

J Bryan Dill

Yes...I've signed up and checked out the "new" official.fm and it's not worth trying to sell to others who already know that Reverbnation is good. If Official was 'better' than Revebnation then it would be a different story but they aren't so....


Doesn't sound so interesting than manually promote the band direct to fans ourself...

But I'll check it out some day later.

html5 video player

O! when, will they make a HTML5 SHOW widget!? The player is great,cool demonstration!

JJays Global Music Community

Does the mentioned promotion include free music videos like the one viewable from my YouTube and featured on my free artist music promotion site?

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