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Does anyone know if this company is a scam? Just did a few searches on the net and really couldn't find any good or bad reviews. Of course, their requirement to "pay first" to sign up makes me skeptical. It doesn't help that they never say specifically which band is doing so well with their service or the fact that it is just one band and not many. I would also hope that the Hypebot staff would look into these kinds of matters before promoting a business like this.


James Aviaz

Hey Chancius,

Songtrust is very much a real business! We launched in early 2011 - the first service of this kind in the world. We're part of the Downtown Music family based in NYC.


Marketing Manager, Songtrust


I work with 8 different non exclusive independent licensors, and our paychecks for every artists have expanded greatly. That is a great model to work with and not hold down with anyone.

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