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Addy Norealez

Sounds like the R&R Hall of Fame wants to induct the original members and Axl is basically saying...hey, those guys bailed and Guns is still an active band. And frankly (axl speaking) I like these guys better as bandmates. So it's a slap in the face to induct those guys and not include my current team. But that's just me reading between the lines. Interesting conversation though


I think you'r correct in the situation, except that the word "bailed" seems entirely inappropriate. That's like saying a wife bailed on her physically abusive husband. Axl Rose seems like maybe one of the hardest people to work with in the history of music. The guy's a genius, but you can't fault Slash and others for wanting to work with someone who can start a show within an hour or two of curtain call.

That being said, this sucks. If anybody, these guys deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. I can't say that Axl's current team deserves it yet, and in fact probably don't qualify on their own. But it would have been nice to have it work out.

And, final note, after die hard fanaticism for G N' R my whole life, including them having been the first concert I ever went to, I sure am glad TOOL is my favorite for this generation. There is ZERO drama, ever. The guys in TOOL are every bit the rock stars, and none of the horseshit.


Let sleeping dogs lie and DO THE FUCKING SHOW!
And why does Axl think "damned if I do"? that seems so retarded, it's not like the new guys would mind.
I will never buy a so called GN'R reckord again after this. I rather get the Slash albums, he still got it;)

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