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Facebook & VEVO Really, Really Like Each Other [STATS]

image from now at least, the rumors that VEVO is pulling it's music video content from YouTube and shifting to Facebook, have died down.  But that doesn't mean that the two aren't still working together. From Facebook's Developers blog come stats that show VEVO, who recently relaunched its site, iPhone and Android apps with deeper Facebook integration, is exploding on the social network.

Since the Open Graph update, VEVO has seen exponential growth, according to Facebook.

  • Published actions on Facebook increased 600% from February to March
  • referrals from Facebook to VEVO have increased 130% in the same time frame
  • 60% of Facebook referral traffic now comes from Open Graph stories.

VEVO also shifted to Facebook-only registration, which has resulted in an increase of 200% in daily registrations.

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