Fresh Music Marketing Tools For Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr

image from of new tools and features are rolling out from the big guns of social media that music marketers will find of interest:

  •  Pick your own Pinterest board cover.
  • Go Instagram on Android. 
  • Lots of tools are available for Google+.
  • YouTube's added multiple features.
  • Tumblr's now integrated with Facebook.

Pinterest Board Covers

Instagram Now Available for Android

Google+ Tools

  • I'm cheating with this one, since the post came out in January, but Sarah Arrow shares a number of useful tools for Google+.

YouTube on DVD: If Only It Weren't April Fools!

YouTube has been rolling out a series of new features though, unfortunately, The YouTube Collection is not one of those:

Tumblr's New Facebook Integration

This week Tumblr announced a new Facebook integration that includes:

  • Toggle “Send to Facebook” when posting.
  • Share Replies on your Facebook Timeline.
  • Share Likes on your Facebook Timeline.

You can add the new features via your blog settings or you may have already been prompted to do so. Tumblr items are "lumped together so they're not overwhelming" as is done with other such services.

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  1. Actually, it is my first time I heard about music marketing but I guess it has also similarity with viral marketing the only different is it has a music track.

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