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Its crazy the difference in expectations when you put the name "Google" on something. Imagine if another online store started in 2011 and within its first year generated around 100 Million dollars? Thats some pretty amazing growth in one year if you ask me.

Erik Peterson

This doesn't surprise me much. It seems Google has lost it's way & only copies what others already had a success with these days.


I saw this sort of exponential growth forecasting in a large telco to justify new business projects, I guess it's part of a culture of an organisation that thinks it owns a market to almost monopoly status.. It starts to develop a god like culture & needs to develop some humility.


I'm not convinced the goal was to SELL music as much as it is to ACQUIRE consumer data... data is the new oil right?


Google blows Apple away. The ability to brainwash people into one idea has been the only more successful thing of Apple to google!


Sorry, but lame.


I really like Google Music but am also a Spotify premium member. I use Spotify way more, because not only can I find almost every album in my Google Music Locker, but I can also find new artists and play them as part of my $80 (?) annual fee AND share my artists played on Facebook and Twitter. If Google were to only open it up to social media sites like FB and Google Plus, more people would use it. Audiophiles love to share and show their friends what they're listening to and like to be exposed to new music.

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