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Loved this one! Awesome advice.


Thus is absolute crap. There's no way you can be master of all. You can't force someone to just learn to engineer recordings for example. It's a whole career in itself. Get your head out of the sand, amateur.

Robin Davey

Well it depends on how determined you are to be successful...If you look for excuses as to why you can't do something then yes you are going to have a hard time finding success. I am completely deaf in one ear, I learned to engineer using Garageband and recorded an album on it that secured me record deal number 3 - they released the album as it was, no remixing or remastering. I had never engineered before that because I thought being half deaf and not being able to hear stereo would be a hindrance. Through learning Garageband it was easy to make the transition to Logic.

Yes it is hard work to learn other things, but science show pushing your brain to do more stuff actually increases your brain cells - it makes you smarter...making excuses just makes you dumb.

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