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Hey Check out our new song "Back in my head" by Tom Lohmrmann

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**APRIL 3, 2012**

Here is what has been going on in my life for the past six months to a year. I've been mysterious to say the least. I've been busy.

Today marks a very special day in my life. Everything that I have worked on has led up to this moment, and everything from here on out will be a total roller coaster. This song is for all of those who have doubted me. This is for all the unbelievers.

With the release of "Back In My Head", I am taking a major step. No more under-produced, DIY recordings. No more underachieving. Just the best. I am working with producers from now on (Tony Alany for the new single & Sean Small for the upcoming album), releasing only top-notch material in hopes that it will springboard my career. Tony Alany has worked with Grammy Winner Mya, My Favorite Highway, For the Foxes (Signed to Hopeless Records), Needmore, Shane Hines, The Pat McGee Band, Bandits & Beggars, Ben Kweller, Steve Moakler, Sing Me Insomnia, The Blackjacks, Virginia Coalition, The Friday Night Boys, and The Brindley Brothers. Sean Small has worked with Escape the Armada, Crush Atlantic, Crash Boom Bang, The Friday Night Boys, and The OK Corral.

With our headlining show at Jammin Java, we have achieved a goal we set out to do nine months ago. Growing up, all I wanted to do was play at Jammin Java. When I finally accomplished that last April, we set our sights on something bigger. And April 3, 2012 is the result of all the hard work. It does not stop there, either. After playing at the Rock & Roll Hotel in February, we had not planned on booking anymore in this area. We did not expect what was coming next. We have been booked for the Taste of Vienna Event on April 28, the To Write Love on Her Arms Event on May 5, and we plan on having a big Summer show at Jammin Java sometime in July.

With "Nova Customs" and "Swan Productions", I have launched two small businesses which I hope to build over the next five years. The end of February was a monumental time for Nova Customs, as we completed the prototype of our Pink Paisley Bass. After spending ten months working on this project, it was wonderful to finally have a finished, tangible product in my own hands. Having promoted local shows, interviewing local/national bands, and reviewing countless albums, Swan Productions has already made an impact in the local scene.

I have also built a fully-functioning and informative website during the past four months, combining all my passions in one place. The website contains interviews of local/national bands, reviews of my favorite music, as well as the Nova Customs and Swan Productions sites. The site is constantly being improved and will serve as a way of connecting musicians and fans in the coming years.

Read More Here: http://www.tomlohrmannmusic.com/blog/about/back-in-my-head-single/

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Great! The one of the best interview.
Thanks to share

Dana Jean Phoenix

Really great interview, yet again!! I've learned so much from this season of This Week In Music! Thanks Ian.
:) DJP

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