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If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em: Indie Music Embraces Streaming Music

image from www.google.comIt's no secret that some in the indie music community believe that Spotify, Rdio and other streaming music services don't pay enough to musicians and labels, and may cannibalize sales. True or not (and I'm in the, "it's far too early to know" camp), fans love streaming music.

Knowing that a core tenant of modern music marketing is to listen to the fans, some indie musicians are embracing streaming - not just by making their music available there, but by now also treimage from 28.media.tumblr.comating services like Rdio, Spotify, MOG and Rhapsody as important marketing channels.

Some, like Readymade's Young Hines debut their entire albums on music streamers Hines was on Spotify weeks prior to release. Others are sharing playlists of music they're listening to with fans on Facebook. Some marketers are using a trick they started on iTunes, and seeding playlists with their artists' songs alongside similar, but more popular, music. 

M83 Fans Build Ultimate Rdio Playlist

image from blog.rdio.comMute Records' M83 has put the music streaming playlist making in the hands of fans with a new Rdio contest on Facebook. The band is inviting users to build "the ultimate pre-show playlist". If chosen, they'll win a trip for two to Austin and have their playlist played for the crowd at the M83's sold out show at Stubb's.

  • Is it time for indie music to embrace music streaming? 
  • How are you marketing music there?