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great article. Gets down to the point. thank you

Clyde Smith

You're welcome. I'm trying to find ways to be useful!

Steven Cravis

Here are some great additional resources:



My music has been on CBS, NBC, Animal Planet and more.



Really great article - I'm loving the series on music supervisors


Hi Steven,

Love some advice on how to best get music on TV shows. see you've had some experience. Mind emailing me some tips.

Best regards,

David Das

Steven, what's your experience been with LicenseQuote? Just curious. The presentation isn't fantastic, but it does seem full-featured. Can you give an idea of how well direct licensing (through LQ) has worked for you?


I am writing to inform you I have a large catalog of original music I composed and recorded all the parts on. I own all the rights as a BMI artist.
I am interested in selling rights for use of my music. I can also compose pieces on commission for specific uses and styles.
Please visit my website www.roundtownsound.com These songs are great for film and ads.
You may purchase my songs for listening at over a dozen digital retailers online also.
Thank you
Craig Morrison
215 906 5103
ps: please visit our lighthouse this summer www.lighthouserestorations.org at your leisure


Excellent, unique & informative.

What some people consider a crap song/instrumental etc might be absolute gold in the right film/tv scene.

I learned a LONG time ago to stop seeking others opinions of my music, cause it ended up being counterproductive.




mmm talk about self promotion.

Richard Lee


Just a note to thank-you for some great comments on the placement of original music. I am a member/signatory for a 1960's rock act called The Brymers. The group has four albums on the market and currently mastering the 5th album. The Brymers own all rights and 100% publishing to over 120 tracks in our music catalog. We have instrumental versions of most vocals tracks and cover many genres of music (classic rock, country rock, Americanna, Italian, Ragae, and bluegrass). The group has over 45 videos on You Tube and is known for their hits of "Sacrifice" and "I Want To Tell You." Visit our web site, Sonicbids, Taxi, iTunes, Napster and you will get a flavor of the group's classic rock sound where the result is The Brymers meets The Kinks, The Byrds, and The Rolling Stones.
Visit: www.thebrymers.com


Hi Steve?

Are there music supervisors interested in traditional African music or African music in general. I have a collection of these.


Interesting article. Please have a listen to http://soundcloud.com/illmiyah-1 for an Arabian Hiphop sound from Dubai. Enjoy :) www.facebook.com/desertheatuae www.illmiyah.com


Great article on music supervision!

I've have been blessed to have 100's of songs placed on TV, Films, Commercials and more and no matter how great the song is... it has to fit the scene the supervisor is looking for.

Got good songs? Keep plugging away as it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to make it in this industry!

Diamond Dreams Music


John Keoni Morris


A few years ago I read a story about Kris Kristofferson. I don't know it it's true, however. It went like this: He had been writing songs and didn't seem to be able to get anyone in Nashville or anywhere else in the music business to listen to them. So one day he rented a helicopter and flew over (I won't mention names here) and landed in the front yard of one of the more prominent figures in the music industry. Because of his dramatic entrance, he acquired immediate attention of the residents inside (Don't know if he got arrested or not) and managed to get several of his taped songs in the hands of the music executive. The rest is history. He had to step over the boundary of what is considered normal negotiations.

It hasn't changed that much.

It is still difficult to get anyone's attention in the music industry. A person could write the most beautiful orchestral pieces of music ever written and still be stuck in a dark closet. Sometimes Lady Luck really plays a part in being discovered or perhaps divine intervention. Or maybe just outrageous, controversial behavior.

The most popular word of the 21st century is DISCOVERY. And it would be a jolt so powerful for me if it discovery were on its course to me, to be discovered by a Music Supervisor.

I wrote this instrumental a short time ago called "Slumber of the Lycans."

Link: http://soundcloud.com/surferboy-3/slumber-of-the-lycans

Thank You,

John "Keoni" Morris

Wayne Sanelli

Very well balanced article. Thanks you for taking the time to explain these things to us folks. Please drop by and listen to Zero, Unconditional Love, What the Hell, Can you hear me Ray, Beautiful, & MUCH MORE music. Bless you folks. Happy New Years. Wayne Sanelli

Wayne Sanelli

Bless You. Fantastic that your music made it on CBS and other networks. Very cool. Wayne


and how to become a music supervisor? I've read a lot about job description and i really want to join this field

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