Facebook & VEVO Really, Really Like Each Other [STATS]
As Investors Offer Millions, Can Electronic Dance Music Survive A Corporate Takeover?

NEWS BRIEF: Viacom vs. YouTube Returns, Artists Join Pirate Bay, Rumblefish, Wilco, Pandora & More

FavVHRZAn appeals court has revives a long standing and almost forgotten Viacom vs. YouTube lawsuit. [full court ruling] (DMW, ars)

  • 5000+ Artists Line Up For A Pirate Bay Promotion Platform (TorrentFreak)
  • Rumblefish, which calls itself a music licensing service for social media, announced its catalog has hit 1+ million songs, making it the world's largest pre-cleared music licensing catalog
  • Wilco Continues To Get The Internet (techdirt)


  • Moontoast's social store is now mobile friendly thanks to a little HTML5 magic.
  • Pandora Connects Brands with Bands and Fans (eMarketer) Pandora crossed 1B listener hours in March (FMQB)
  • Spotify Just Got Even Better on Your Boxee (Spoify)
  • Last.fm has hired Chris Price as Head Of Music. He was at MTV UK.
  • Howie Pivar has joined Warner Bros. as VP/Top 40 Promotion from a similar job at UMG.