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NEWS BRIEF: Sony Music's Future, Anti-Piracy Impact, Music Unlimited, Whalley, TuneCore #1, More

FavVHRZIs Music Still Core to Sony Corp's Mission? I'm not so sure, but Billboard's Glenn Peoples lays out a strong argument as to why it is here.

  • RIAA says: The Evidence of Anti-Piracy's Impact Continues To Mount.
  • Sony is continuing the regional expansion of the Music Unlimited service with launches in Belgium and the Netherlands, its 15th and 16th countries.


  • Former Warner Bros. Records Chairman Tom Whalley Signs Label Deal With Universal (THR)
  • The Red Hot Chili Pepper's catalog including their latest release "I’m With You" is now available On Spotify just ahead of their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow.
  • TuneCore artist Hoodie Allen has the #1 album on iTunes this week.  The pop/rap artist used TuneCore to distribute his debut EP, 'All American,' which came out Tuesday.
  • Is There Any Merit To Neil Young's Plan To Improve The Quality Of Digital Music? (techdirt)
  • YouTube stars get Hollywood superagents (USA Today)
  • Facebook Now Syncs Timeline and Email Addresses (Mashable)
  • Rock Band Blitz dumbs the rhythm game down to timed thumb twiddling (ars)