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NEWS BRIEF: EchoNest + Jambase, Sony Restructures, FanRX, YouTube, FB, Google+

FavVHRZThe Echo Nest Grabs More Data: Partners With Concert Listing Provider JamBase & SongMeanings (TechCrunch)

  • Sony’s chief Kazuo Hirai laid out a plan for the struggling company company, including 10K layloffs, a focus away from its unprofitable television business and a shift towards mobile. (NYT) Sony Music was not even mentioned in the announcement...
  • FanRX (formerly BandRx) is a launch partner for the new Spotify Play Button for sites and has integrated it into their Facebook Page & Timeline builder. Here's the Spotify/FanRX button live: The Killers .


  • YouTube enables pay-per-view live events and stats (DMW)
  • Facebook to reveal more of the data stored about you. (CNet) The social network is getting ready to let you download an expanded archive so you can view more of the information recorded about what you've been up to.
  • Google+ gets a refresh: Just Like Facebook, It’s All About the Apps. (Wired)