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Good article.

I wanted to bring attention to a few more options that offer a similar service.

GeoRiot (http://www.georiot.com) - The original digital-music, global-link provider, offers a service that geo-targets, translates and encodes every link on the fly and provides a detailed reporting dashboard. Link translation, the step that sets GeoRiot apart from the competition, ensures that each customer gets to the desired item in their regional storefront even when the item ID is different. GeoRiot has over three years and nearly 200 million clicks of experience under their belt.

SmartURL (http://smartURL.it) - A recent side project of Gupta Media, this globally aware service requires it's users to provide each of the geographically specific items for each link they build, making the process very simple but tedious. The site has an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Translinker (http://www.livepopbars.com/translinker/translinker.php) - While very rough around the edges, Translinker appears to provide a service that includes geo-targeting and affiliating on clicks.

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