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J Bryan Dill

The $ boxes made me want to click "Next"....Why don't you just put a link at the end of the video that takes the viewer to a store page with all of the items for sale from the video??


Great potential for cause-related call to action music videos ie. artists raising money for a cause they care about.


The comment about commerce over art could not be more on the money. I also agree with J Bryan Dill above. While the interactivity of the video is clever, the experience of linking the viewer to shopping content is quite distracting. Maybe better if it was used more sparingly than every second frame...

John Doe

Yeah it is distracting but no one has thought about how time-consuming this would be to set up! Maybe useful for big international artists, but for the average artist this would never make a profit...

And I dont think its the first video doing this. Is basically just small annotations, and that have been done before...

George Adams

For what it's worth, I noticed you can select the tags to be on, off or when your mouse is close to a tag... can select from the top of the player.... in the middle.


Hmmm... this is definitely not the first music video with interactive "shop this look" technology. The folks over at Diesel did an interesting campaign a couple years ago where consumers could submit themselves for a chance to take part in the creation of a music video.

Diesel then picked a handful of folks, flew them to the shoot, dressed them in Diesel gear and shot a music video. The end result was pretty engaging and had social media (notice that myspace was still relevant) and "shop this look" hooks throughout.

You can check it out here (though I am guessing the clothes are no longer available...): http://www.diesel.com/ahundredlovers/


Cinsay also allows users to create shoppable videos (minus the "S" tags that many of you don't like AND minus any crazy, complicated time-consuming set up on the back-end. It's as simple as capturing video with a smartphone and uploading it into our app!). Check us out: http://www.mycinsay.com/ Better yet, check out hip-hop artists, The Bodega Brovas--they're using Cinsay right now to promote their American Graffiti tour and sell products: http://bodegabrovas.com/

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