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The Best April Fools Prank In Music Tech

EarbitsI got this mail on the afternoon of April 1st and dutifully followed the link:

YC-backed Earbits Launches Music Playlisting based on Pandora's Stock and Financial Outlook

Details here.

Come back and share your favorite April Fools prank .

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  1. Pretty funny, I shared it at work. Not a big fan of the pay-per-play model of Earbits, but if there’s enough value-add for the artist by having the features Earbits puts in the mix, then I’ll support it. Time will tell if the model works.

  2. Hey Jonathan,
    We made incredible tweaks to the product before ever charging bands and we’re now at the point where most of them universally agree that advertising on Earbits works better than Adwords or Facebook ads. We generate 1 fan and 2 ad-clicks for every 100 spins, which is averaging about $1.21 in cost to the client. That’s $0.40 per click and fan, with exposure to 100 more people as well. I do agree we have to stay on top of producing results, but for the pricing we’re at now, being on Earbits is probably the most cost-effective promotion you can find online.
    -Joey, CEO

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